Whether you’re lost at sea or just want to be safe when you take your boat out, a military inflatable boat can be a very useful feature to have. Do not think that army inflatable boats mean that they have guns on them, they’re simply made to ensure that enough people fit and that the materials used are strong enough to endure any weather conditions.

This article will show you the best military-grade inflatable boats, followed by examples based on specifications and reviews. You’ll find links to Amazon.com if you like a product enough to get yourself a military inflatable boat.


Things To Know About Military Inflatable Boats

Safety Of Army Inflatable Boats

As you can imagine, military inflatable boats are very safe and made to endure any weather conditions. Even though they’re inflatable, they’re extremely durable and can withstand UV radiation, wind, salt, collisions with rocks and more.

Why Get A Military Grade Inflatable Boat?

Safety should always come first, no matter whether the army inflatable boat is your primary vessel, or you want to get one to serve as a rescue boat. If you like to cruise around your nearby lake on the weekends, you can be sure you’ll be safe in one of these.

Are Army Inflatable Boats Expensive?

You may have to pay a considerable amount of money if you’re considering getting one. But as you’ll see from the examples below, it is a good investment, especially if you have a large group of people to take with you. If everyone chips in, it is not that expensive.

Other Uses Of Army Inflatable Boats

You can get a military inflatable boat to simply spend the day fishing at your lake or river, or to teach your kids how to row on a nearby beach. You can take your friend and go cruising down a river or even go rafting maybe.

5 Best Army Inflatable Boats Reviews

Best Military RIB For Sale

Brine Marine Inflatable Boat

Size, Weight, And Other

This military RIB for sale measures 2ft x 2ft x 4ft when deflated and ready to store. It weighs 75 pounds, holds 3 adults and has a maximum weight limit, which includes a motor, of 970 pounds. It also comes with a 2-year warranty.

Brine Marine Inflatable Boat

How It’s Made

For enhanced stability, there are 17-inch diameter tubes. When inflated, the army inflatable boat measures 8ft 2in x 61in and makes for the perfect balance of size and function. The inflatable boat is made of PVC thermo-bonded seams that offer best-in-class air holding ability and the way it is made prevents and leaking. The fabric can withstand harsh environments since it is UV treated.

Brine Marine Inflatable Boat review

Other Included Parts

The 2-year bow to stern warranty guarantees no leaks. Also included in the package are an inflation pump, removable seat, two oars, oarlocks, a repair kit and a carry bag to store the inflatable boat in when deflated.


  • Holds 3 people
  • 2-year warranty
  • Attach a motor

Best Navy Seal Inflatable Boat

INMAR 470-MIL Military Series Army Inflatable Boat

Fits A Whole Group

This navy RHIB is designed to hold 10 people in it! It has a 2640-pound weight capacity and 2 seats with 4 positions. It measures 15ft 6in x 6ft 8in, and the hull weighs 275 pounds.

INMAR 470-MIL Military Series Army Inflatable Boat

Construction Details

This military inflatable boat is made of Hypertext. It is different than PVC but it serves the same purpose of the inflatable boat. There are 5 + 1 separate air chambers to keep the inflatable boat afloat. The tube diameter is 20 in.

On-Board Features

There is a non-skid aluminum floor with anodized aluminum stringers, marine plywood transom which can hold a 50-hp engine, and an all-around rub strake. There are 8 carry handles, 15 interior D-Rings, 4 stainless steel tow rings, and a stainless bow handle.

INMAR 470-MIL Military Series Army Inflatable Boat review

What Else Is In The Package

Besides all of the mentioned features, you get a foot pump with a hose and gauge, a repair kit, a paddle set, and 3 storage bags. You get a storage bag for the floor, the hull and a bow bag. The paddles are plastic on the blades and aluminum on the shafts.


  • For 10 people
  • Oars included
  • 3 storage bags
  • Foot pump included

Best 5-Person Military RIB

INMAR 320-MIL Military Series Military Inflatable Boat

Holds 5 People

Another INMAR inflatable boat, this one is made for five people, unlike the previous one. It has a weight capacity of 1280 pounds, and can hold an engine with maximum 15 horsepower. It measures 10ft 6in x 5ft, and has 2 seats with 2 seat positions.

INMAR 320-MIL Military Series Military Inflatable Boat

How Safe It Is

This army inflatable boat is also made of Hypertext, the same as the previous model. It has 5 + 1 separate air chambers to keep you afloat, and a 16.5in tube diameter. The engine mounting plate is aluminum.

Standard Included Features

As with the previous navy inflatable boat, this one also has a non-skid aluminum floor with anodized aluminum stringers and a bow floorboard. There are standard pop-up self-bailers, an all-around rub strake, 8 carry handles, 15 interior stainless-steel D-Rings, and reinforcing seat patches on tubes. There are many more features, which you can find on the official website.

INMAR 320-MIL Military Series Military Inflatable Boat review

Other In-Package Features

Same as the previous product. There are 3 storage bags, for the floor, the hull, and a bow bag. The 2 included paddles have an aluminum shaft and a plastic blade, and a foot pump with hose and gauge is included. A repair kit is included as well.


  • Foot pump included
  • For 5 people
  • 3 carry bags
  • Repair kit included

Best 4-Person Military Dinghy

Inflatable Sport Boats Manta Ray 8.8’ – Model 270

4 People On Board

Nautical engineers designed this 4-person military inflatable boat in a sleek white contoured design for rear buoyancy and faster planning at takeoff. The weight capacity is 1070 pounds and it measures 8ft 8in x 5ft. The inflatable boat assembles and disassembles in a matter of 10 minutes.

Inflatable Sport Boats Manta Ray 8.8’ – Model 270

Attach A Motor

There are motor mount fittings, and “Easy Planning” extended rear pontoons and transom area allow for more maximum weight and larger motors with balances stability. You can attach a max 10-horsepower motor. The 1100 denier reinforced PVC is UV, oil stain and puncture-resistant, and all seams are hot welded which makes them last in both fresh and saltwater.

Environmentally Friendly Features

As for the seating on the vessel, the 24 mm easy slide aluminum floor and seats are much more environmentally friendly than usual marine plywood, and they’re easier to clean. The white material protects the inflatable boat against sun heat.

Inflatable Sport Boats Manta Ray 8.8’ – Model 270 review

Product Ships Complete

Other included features are 1 aluminum bench seat, removable seat cushion, and bag, 2 aluminum oars with lock-in oar holders. Furthermore, there’s a storage bag, foot pump, 2 repair patches, one-way drain plug, towing D-Rings and carry handles.


  • For 4 people
  • Foot pump included
  • D-Rings
  • 2 repair patches
  • Oars included

Best Inflatable Military Dinghy

Max4out Inflatable Boat

Dimensions And Weight

You can take 3 to 4 people on the inflatable boat. The maximum weight capacity is 800 pounds, and it measures 10ft x 5ft. It has 4 floorboards to ensure maximum stability whether you’re standing or sitting down.

Max4out Inflatable Boat

Quality Materials Used

This inflatable boat is made of military-grade 3-layer PVC material, which is resistant to sun and it is also wear-resistant. An extra thick rub-straight protector at the bottom along the keel and tubes protects the vessel from punctures and ruptures.

Max4out Inflatable Boat review

Other Included Features

There are 2 seat benches, and separate internal air chambers to keep you afloat and safe while out on the water. There’s a deep V-keel with rub-strake protection and built-in oarlocks for easier rowing. You can also choose the color since it comes in black, gray, and yellow.


  • Holds 4 people
  • 4 floorboards for stability
  • Separate air chambers

Conclusion: Which Military Inflatable Boat For Sale To Choose?

Military inflatable boats can be used for many purposes, but mainly they’re extra safe as rescue boats. The five abovementioned examples are of course only a small fraction of all available options, but here are my recommendations. I like the INMAR 470-MIL army inflatable boat because you can fit 10 people on it and attach a motor as well. The other army inflatable boat I like is the Manta Ray Model 270 because it fits 4 people and has 2 included repair patches, which you do not see often.

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