If you’re planning a day on the water with your big group of friends, you’ll need a big inflatable boat. A big inflatable raft is also a good idea for days like that. Look no further, in the following article you’ll find all the information and examples you need if you want to get a giant inflatable boat.

This article will explain why giant inflatable rafts and giant inflatable boats are a good investment, what they can be used for, and where to get them. You’ll also be provided with examples of the best large inflatable boats and large inflatable rafts with their specifications and included features.


What You Need To Know

What Are Heavy-Duty Inflatable Boats?

They are inflatable boats that are designed and used for professional and recreational use. Depending on the activity, you can get a big inflatable boat to go fishing, paddling, or maybe a giant inflatable raft for chilling at the pool.

Should I Get A Large Inflatable Boat?

Getting one can be a good idea, and you do not have to spend a lot of money while you’re at it. In case you are looking for a birthday present for your friend or maybe even a child, you can get big inflatable rafts and large inflatable pool islands.

Are Giant Inflatable Boats Safe?

Do not jump to conclusions and right away think that they are made of plastic which can tear when there is wind. Materials used today provide rigidity and durability, as well as long-term use.

Where Can I Get A Large Inflatable Raft?

As big inflatable rafts and big inflatable boats have become more popular, especially the unicorns, you can get them basically anywhere. Amazon.com links are provided in this article for each product mentioned, so you can order them online.

5 Best Giant Inflatable Boats Reviews

Best Big Flamingo Raft

XFlated Inflatable Floating Flamingo

Suitable For Kids And Adults

This 42-inch long, hot pink inflatable flamingo raft is perfect for a pool party and can be used by both kids and adults. You can take it to any place where you can swim, such as the beach or the lake. It is 37 inches wide and 41 inches high.

XFlated Inflatable Floating Flamingo

General Information

This big flamingo raft has two safety chambers at the bottom for double safety. Three different safety air valve designs inside and outside the ring enable easy inflation and deflation. Two heavy-duty handles provide a more stable experience as you can hold on to them.

XFlated Inflatable Floating Flamingo review

Repair Patch Instructions

The inflatable flamingo raft comes with its own repair patch kit. The damaged area first has to be cleaned, then the patch needs to be pressed firmly over the rupture, and it is recommended that you not inflate the raft for 30 following minutes.


  • For kids and adults
  • 42 inches long
  • Repair patch included

Best Giant Floating Raft

Bestway CoolerZ Tropical Breeze

6-Person Fun

This giant floating raft is made to hold six people in it while you have your pool party. For sun protection, there is a built-in sunshade that is detachable, and you can even dip your feet in the water in the mesh floor area.

Bestway CoolerZ Tropical Breeze

Materials Used

The floating raft is made of PVC which is durable and resistant to tears. You can take the giant raft to the beach, lake or ocean. A heavy-duty repair patch is included in case of an emergency. Transportation and storing are easy when the raft is deflated.

Bestway CoolerZ Tropical Breeze review

Tie It To Other Rafts

The included grab line enables you to tie your inflatable raft to other rafts, floats, anchors or boats. There are also sturdy handles to help you climb onto it and to keep your drinks cool, there are six cup holders placed around the float.


  • Made for 6 people
  • Cup holders
  • Repair patch
  • Sunshade

Best Heavy-Duty Inflatable Boat With Motor

Saturn SD518 Inflatable Boat

Made For 10 People

This inflatable boat can hold a total of ten people in it, but six can fit comfortably. The weight capacity is 2500 pounds, and the boat measures 17.8’ x 6.6’. It is made of 1100 Denier reinforced PVC, and the bow is made of marine-grade plywood floor covered with gray resin.

Saturn SD518

What’s It Made Of

Heavy-duty marine-grade aluminum is the material used to make this inflatable boat with motor. There are also lightweight and removable aluminum seat benches. For inflation and staying afloat, there are flat air valves with pushpin design, and three one-way drain valves with a plug. An additional safety valve prevents over-inflation.

Saturn SD518 review

Other Included Parts

Stainless steel D-Rings make towing simpler and easier, and you also get a spare rope for attaching an anchor. The package also comes with a carry bag and a repair kit. Besides that, you can attach a maximum 50-horsepower motor to the included motor mount fittings.


  • Made for 10 people
  • Attach a motor
  • Carry bag included

Best Big RIB Boat

INMAR 320-MIL Military Series Military Inflatable Boat

Military Grade RIB

This large RIB boat measures 10ft 6in x 5ft, and with the 1280-pound weight capacity, it can hold five people in it. There are two seats with two seat positions for everyone on board. You can attach a maximum 15-horsepower motor to the RIB as well.

INMAR 320-MIL Military Series Military Inflatable Boat

RIB Features

The big RIB boat is made of Hypertext, material similar to PVC but still a bit different. There are 5 + 1 air separate air chambers which keep you afloat, and the tube diameter is 16.5 inches. There is also the aluminum engine mounting plate.

Other Included Features

The floor is non-skid aluminum with anodized aluminum stringers and a bow floorboard. Also included are pop-up self-bailers, an all-around rub strake, eight carry handles, 15 stainless steel D-Rings and reinforcing seat patches on tubes.

INMAR 320-MIL Military Series Military Inflatable Boat review

More Included Extras

The package includes three storage bags (for the floor, hull and a bow bag). Two oars have an aluminum shaft and a plastic blade, and a foot pump with hose and gauge is included as well. You also get a repair kit.


  • Fits 5 people
  • Attach a motor
  • D-Rings
  • Self-bailers

Best Giant Inflatable Unicorn Raft

Jasonwell Giant Inflatable Unicorn Pool Float

Giant Fun

This giant inflatable raft has a 400-pound weight capacity and it is made to hold two people. It measures 114 in x 55 in x 47 in when it is fully inflated. The tail and mane are rainbow colored, while the body is white.

Jasonwell Giant Inflatable Unicorn Pool Float

What’s It Made Of

Suitable for adults as well as for kids, this big inflatable unicorn raft is made of soft and durable premium raft-grade non-phthalates material. Deflation and inflation are five times faster with large double bed type fast valves.

Jasonwell Giant Inflatable Unicorn Pool Float review

Easy Inflation

You can inflate this inflatable pool raft by using a hairdryer or a kids’ hand or foot pump. Jasonwell also makes a car powered electric air pump which you can get so you can make inflation even simpler and easier.


  • Holds 2 people
  • Fast valves
  • Perfect gift

Conclusion: What Big Inflatable Boat Do You Want?

Depending on the type of activity you have in mind, you can find a big inflatable boat or a big inflatable raft for you. If you want my help, I recommend the INMAR 320-MIL because it can hold five people in it and has the most included on-board features. Another product I like is Bestway CoolerZ because it is THE perfect thing to have if you have a pool party.

To find more examples and information, check out my article about the best inflatable boats. For those of you that like to fish, there is an article about the best inflatable fishing boats. If you are looking for something smaller, read this article about the best 2-person inflatable boats.