Are you looking for some sturdy inflatable boats?
Then you should definitely read this review of the four best inflatable boats with an aluminum floor currently on the market. These four inflatable boats all feature different capacities and capabilities on the water and are all a great purchase option.


General Information On Inflatable Boats With Aluminum Floor

Why Buy An Inflatable Boat?

Maybe you’re wondering why you should buy an inflatable boat instead of a hard-hull boat. Well, here are a few reasons: nowadays, inflatable boats are built just as sturdily as hard-hull boats, with the additional asset of lightness and portability. Additionally, you can generally find inflatable boats at lower prices, though certain models out there reach decently high sums.

What Kinds Of Inflatable Boats Are There

Now that you’ve decided to purchase an inflatable boat, you’re thinking, which kind? Different inflatable boats are suited to different things – hence you have inflatable boats & dinghies that go to large capacities and are quite spacious. For river running, there are many efficient inflatable kayaks for whitewater, while the more rugged inflatable pontoons are especially suitable for ocean touring.

On Inflatable Boats With Aluminum Floor

When looking at the category of inflatable boats & dinghies, there is also the difference in the type of floor used: some of these boats feature soft vinyl or PVC flooring; some use Drop Stitch technology that is both comfortable and rigid, but the most heavy-duty models go for aluminum floorboards. This is the sturdiest and most rigid type of flooring on the market and will certainly allow you to stand up with ease.

The Prices Of Inflatable Boats With Aluminum Floor

Inflatable boats with an aluminum floor cost quite an amount more than the cheapest soft or Drop Stitch floor boats. The most affordable model of the list is the Aleko inflatable that stays at three digits, while the most expensive is the Saturn 18ft. the inflatable boat that will run you well over a thousand dollars.

Where To Get Inflatable Boats With Aluminum Floor

For the purchase of all of these models, I would recommend Firstly, they offer frequent discounts which lower the prices of these quality inflatable boats and make them even more worth a purchase; secondly, is easy to browse and use, no headaches required.

Best 4 Inflatable Boats With Aluminum Floor Reviews

Best 3-4 Person Inflatable Boat With Aluminum Floor

Aleko 10.5 Foot Inflatable Boat

Aleko Inflatable Dimensions & Capacity

The Aleko inflatable is a 10.5 ft boat with the inner dimensions of 7 ft by 2 ft. It features a maximum load capacity of 990lbs and can accommodate up to four people. For its size and weight capacity, the Aleko is not too heavy of an inflatable at 134lbs.

Aleko 10.5 Foot Inflatable Boat

Compatible With Motors

The Aleko inflatable comes with complimentary oars, but if you’d rather not paddle, the Aleko 10.5 ft. inflatable boat is suited for two & four-stroke motors weighing a maximum of 75lbs. It is also built to fit 15-inch short shaft motors and 20-inch long shaft motors, but Aleko recommends the 15-inch one.

Built From Anti-Corrosive PVC

The Aleko inflatable is a good all-rounder with a good capacity, price, and construction to boot. The aluminum floor is coupled with thick, reinforced 1.2mm PVC that is also coated for an anti-corrosion effect. It also features an all-around durable rubber strake for additional layers of protection.

Aleko 10.5 Foot Inflatable Boat review

Other Important Features

The Aleko inflatable features an all-around grab rope, which is useful for transportation of the boat. Furthermore, separate internal air chambers along with a one-way drain valve with plug make sure you don’t sink, while a safety valve prevents overinflation of the boat.

Comes With Many Accessories

The Aleko inflatable comes with a bunch of accessories that are standard for inflatable kayaks, yet still important to mention since not all models include the full package. The Aleko 10.5 ft inflatable boat comes with a carrying bag, aluminum oars, foot pump, repair kit, towing d-rings, 4 carrying handles and oarlocks.


  • Will accommodate up to 4 people with a load capacity of 990lbs
  • Best suited to 14-inch short shaft motors
  • Features thick, anti-corrosive PVC construction

Best 5-6 Person Inflatable Boat With Aluminum Floor

Saturn 18 Ft Dark Gray Inflatable Boat

Largest Inflatable Boat From Saturn

The Saturn 18 ft. inflatable boat or the Saturn SD518 is the largest inflatable from Saturn’s lineup. With its very large dimensions of 18 ft. by 6 ft. and 6in, this inflatable can comfortably accommodate 6 people. However, its size and load capacity of an amazing 2500lbs also means that you can take four more people along, even though the fit will be tighter.

Saturn SD518

Incredibly Versatile In Its Use

The Saturn 18 ft. inflatable boat is a truly versatile vessel that is compatible both with commercial and private use. You can take it for fishing or crabbing expeditions on your time off, but this rugged, heavy-duty boat can also be used in military operations or for coastguard duties.

Details On Construction

Aside from the sectional aluminum floor, some other construction details should be mentioned. Firstly, the Saturn 18 ft. inflatable boat also features a rugged Marine Grade plywood transom. The inflatable raft is constructed from heavy-duty PVC material, while double layers are used along the keel and on the bottom of the tunes for additional safety. The Saturn SD518 is built so sturdily that it is compatible with a gas motor up to 50HP.

Saturn SD518 review

Keeps You Buoyant With Safety Features

Oversized 20in diameter tubes make sure that you stay firmly on top of the water. Along with this design choice, three air chambers are included for precaution, while the air valves feature an air-tight pushpin design. Multiple one-way drain valves will make sure your boat does not fill up with water.

Transporting The Saturn SD518

The size of the Saturn SD518 might cause worries for some when it comes to transportation. However, you need not worry. Although the sectional aluminum floor evens out the weight of this inflatable at a whopping 270lbs, this floor can be removed and put away with the folded Saturn 18 ft. inflatable boat. The two bags, one containing the boat and the other the aluminum floor, will fit into the back of your SUV and later garage or closet.


  • 18 ft. large inflatable boat with a capacity of up to 10 people
  • Can be used privately or for commercial needs
  • Features double-layered construction for additional safety
  • The sectional aluminum floor can be broken apart and transported

Best Inflatable Boat With Aluminum Floor & Motor

Bris 10.8 Ft Inflatable Boat

Best Selling Model From BRIS

The Bris 10.8 ft. inflatable boat is the best-selling product from BRIS; with a maximum capacity of around 1200lbs, this boat can support up to four adults and one child. The Bris 10.8 ft. can also be used as an emergency raft and boat tender, or as the main boat on rivers, lakes, and bays. The sturdy flooring allows you to use this raft for any sort of water activity, such as fishing, diving, or snorkeling.

Another Version OfBRIS 10.8 ft Inflatable Boat

Built From Premium Quality Material

The Bris 10.8 ft. inflatable boat uses premium quality materials in its construction, like 1100 DEN 0.9 mm PVC, which is much stronger than the standard 1000DEN. All seams are heat welded and are guaranteed to stay in any sort of environment, such as fresh and saltwater and in humid areas. Most of these seams feature quadruple overlap construction to really optimize the strength and durability of this Bris raft.

More Construction & Performance Features

The Bris 10.8 ft inflatable boat also features separate internal air chambers along with an all-around rub strake that prevents damage. A marine plywood transom provides capacity for an outboard motor up to 15HP. The transom is protected from saltwater and UV damage by triangular splash guards.

Bris 10.8 Ft Inflatable Boat

Comes With Additional Accessories

Included with the Bris 10.8 ft inflatable boat are the PVC hull and aluminum floor panels, along with two aluminum bench seats, a repair kit, two aluminum oars, a carrying bag, and a foot pump. Shortly, you get everything you need to get started on the water.


  • Best-selling 5-person Bris inflatable boat
  • Features high-quality materials
  • Quadruple overlap seams optimize performance
  • Compatible with max. 15 HP outboard motor
  • Comes with all necessary paddling accessories

Best Fishing Inflatable Boat With Aluminum Floor

Aquos Inflatable Pontoon Boat

2-Person Inflatable Pontoon Boat

The Aquos Inflatable pontoon boat is a pontoon-type inflatable, meaning that it consists of two inflatable tubes onto which a solid structure is placed that serves as a cockpit. In general, pontoon boats are quite roomy and easy to get on and off of, so they are good for beginners. This also counts for the Aquos inflatable pontoon boat.

Aquos Inflatable Pontoon Boat

Well-Suited For Anglers

The Aquos pontoon boat is a great pick for anglers due to its large size of 12.5ft and a large capacity of 970lbs that is suited for two adults and an ample amount of gear. The construction that features a full aluminum floor on top of two inflatable tubes provides an amazing capacity for gearboxes and other storage accessories, as well as being sturdy enough to allow anglers to stand while fishing.

Multiple Chambers Included For Safety

Four air chambers, including two reinforced ones, are integrated into the Aquos 12.5 ft. inflatable pontoon boat. The number of air chambers provides additional buoyancy and allows two anglers two stand side by side fishing without the inflatable dipping. In case of damage, a 3-year “replacement-only, no repair” warranty is ensured.

Aquos Inflatable Pontoon Boat review

Can Be Fitted With An Engine

Made out of 0.9 mm PVC and thermo-bonding seams, the Aquos 2-person inflatable fishing boat is sturdy enough to be modified with a motor mount. It is compatible with either an electric motor or a maximum 6HP gas motor with a maximum of 79lbs of motor weigh. Aquos advertises this boat as being gas-saving.

Easy Installation And De-Installation

Though the Aquos 2-person inflatable pontoon boat is quite heavy at 129lbs of weight, it can be broken down into its components to be put together right at the waterline. Installation time takes thirty minutes, and this inflatable packs down compact enough to be transported in the trunk of your vehicle.


  • Pontoon-style inflatable boat from Aquos
  • The aluminum floor provides ample space for accessories & gear
  • Can be broken down and assembled for convenience
  • Backed by a “replacement-only” warranty

Conclusion: Which Two Of These 4 Best Inflatable Boats With Aluminum Floor To Buy?

Out of these four varied models of inflatable boats with an aluminum floor, I would especially recommend two. The first I would single out is the Saturn 18 Ft Dark Gray Inflatable Boat – this heavy-duty, oversized inflatable is a great choice for bigger groups of people and also for those who are looking for a boat to use professionally. The second boat which is on the other side of the spectrum is the Aleko 10.5 Foot Inflatable Boat, a simple yet satisfactory design that compels not only by performance but also by price.

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