Whether you’re a seasoned sailor or simply enjoy having to fight the wind to move around the water, inflatable catamaran sailboats are the thing for you. You can go by yourself if you enjoy your ‘me’ time, or even take your friends or family with you to spend the day sailing around the coast.

This article will let you in on inflatable sailboats and inflatable catamarans, explain what they can be used for and give you some examples of best inflatable sailboats on the market. Those products are chosen based on their specifications and user reviews.


Introduction To Inflatable Catamarans

Are Inflatable Catamaran Sailboats Safe?

Unlike traditional boats and similar inflatable boats, inflatable catamarans do not have any physical obstacle to prevent going overboard. There is also the risk of capsizing, so if you’re not comfortable and confident enough, you should not get one of these.

What Can I Use A Blow-Up Catamaran For?

Most people use inflatable sailboats for sailing and leisure. Most are made so that you can attach a motor or even row if there is no wind to push you forward. Inflatable sailing catamarans can also be used as tenders for larger boats and ships.

Where Can I Get An Inflatable Sailboat?

As you will see, this article will provide you with links for the example blow-up sailboats presented in the article. All of the mentioned can be found on Amazon.com, but if you look further you’ll also find them on other websites and specialized stores.

What Are Inflatable Catamaran Boats Made Of?

As science developed, so did the technology surrounding the making of any inflatable vessel. Nowadays, they’re usually made from PVC which can resist UV rays and endure rough conditions. Some manufacturers even use aluminum to give extra strength to their inflatable catamarans.

Best 4 Inflatable Catamarans For Sale Reviews

Best Inflatable Racing Catamaran For Sale

Smartkat Racing Edition Inflatable Catamaran

Construction And General Info

This inflatable sailing catamaran is made for a crew of up to 4 people. It can be sailed with an optional trapeze, and there is also a 4 Meter Performance Edition of the same inflatable catamaran. The hulls are made of heavy-duty multi-layer PVC and attach to a large diameter anodized aluminum tubular frame which supports the trampoline.

Smartkat Racing Edition Inflatable Catamaran

Sailing Features

The 6’ long trampoline makes a comfortable area that can be used for sailing or just laying around. The three hiking straps along the trampoline lock your feet in when sailing for better stability. You can even use the inflatable sailboat without sails and attach a motor of up to 5 horsepower.

Main Components Of The Inflatable Sailboat

The mast is made of anodized aluminum tubing and has 3 separate sections of equal length. For extra rigidity, it is reinforced in the mid-section. The mainsail and jib are made from heavy-duty Dacron which retains its shape over many years.

Smartkat Racing Edition Inflatable Catamaran review

More On The Main Sail

Because Dacron is used for the mainsail, it provides the sail with great strength, high UV resistance and allows the sails to dry quickly. The mainsail is made with extra ‘X-ply’ laminate in high-stress areas, and also features battens which you can adjust to wind conditions.


  • Up to 4 people
  • Attach a motor
  • 3 hiking straps

Best 4-Person Inflatable Catamaran

Generic Inflatable 1.2mm 4 Person Portable Sailboat

Holds 4 People

This inflatable catamaran is made to hold 4 people on the pontoon, and you can even get it in a custom color, but you have to pay for that. The pontoon measures 4.5 x 2.2 m, weighs 66 kg and has a maximum load capacity of 300 kg. The inflatable catamaran itself weighs 70 kg, and it takes 20-30 minutes to set up.

Generic Inflatable 1.2mm 4 Person Portable Sailboat

Construction Details And Info

The material used for the float is 1.2mm PVC, aluminum is used for the pole, and 3.8oz Dacron is used for the sail material. There are 2 air chambers in each of the pontoons. The mast is 5m high and the mainsail measures 6.5 m2.

Generic Inflatable 1.2mm 4 Person Portable Sailboat review

What’s In The Package

The package of the blow-up catamaran includes the catamaran, sail, pump, and 2 carry bags for storage. keep in mind that oars, motor and batteries are not included and you have to buy them separately if you decide to get this blow-up sailboat.


  • Holds 4 people
  • Carry bags and pump included
  • Oars not included

Best 2-Person Inflatable Sailboat For Sale

Generic Inflatable 1.2mm PVC Portable Sailboat

Take Your Date Sailing

This inflatable catamaran is made for 2 people and has a maximum weight capacity of 220 kg. If you’re looking for original date ideas, this can be a perfect fit to show the other person something new. Pontoons measure 4 x 2 m, and there are 2 air chambers in each pontoon.

Generic Inflatable 1.2mm PVC Portable Sailboat

While You Sail…

The inflatable sailboat has a 4.8-m mast and 5.5 m2 mainsail. The jib measures 2.54 m2. 1.2mm PVC is used as material for the float, aluminum is used for the pole, and 3.8oz Dacron for the sail. You can get the inflatable catamaran in a custom color but an upcharge may apply.

Generic Inflatable 1.2mm PVC Portable Sailboat review

What’s Included And What’s Not

The package of the blow-up sailboat includes the catamaran, sail, a pump, and carry bags which measure 2 x 0.45 x 0.4 m. Oars, motor and batteries are not included in the price so if you need them, you have to get them separately.


  • For 2 people
  • Pump included
  • Carry bags included
  • 2 air chambers in pontoons

Best Inflatable Fishing Catamaran

BRIS 11 ft Inflatable Catamaran

The Inflatable Catamaran’s Measurements

This inflatable sailboat can hold 4 people in it and has a 1200-pound maximum weight capacity. The inflatable catamaran itself weighs 110 pounds and measures 11 x 6 ft. There are 2 air chambers per tube for safety.

BRIS 11 ft Inflatable Catamaran

Lightweight Removable Floor System

This inflatable catamaran dinghy has a lightweight and removable high-pressure air deck floor system. That makes maintaining the catamaran easier, and the removable floor also allows for quick set up and deflation as well. There are 2 fins on the bottom of the tubes for better directional tracking.

BRIS 11 ft Inflatable Catamaran review

Parts Included In The Package

Besides the inflatable catamaran sailboat itself, there is the air deck floor, 2 seats, set of oars, foot pump, carry bag and repair kits. Keep in mind that this inflatable catamaran does not come with a sail but you can attach a maximum 5 horsepower motor to it.


  • 1200-pound weight capacity
  • Fins for directional tracking
  • Foot pump included
  • Carry bag included

Conlusion: Which Inflatable Sailing Catamaran Is Your Pick?

If you are not really into inflatable catamarans and inflatable sailboats, the information mentioned above may seem confusing. But if you dig a bit deeper, you’ll understand what everything means and find a suitable inflatable sailboat for you. Out of the ones mentioned above, I would recommend the Smartkat Racing Edition because it has a longer hull than the Performance Edition and fits 4 people in it. The other blow-up sailboat I would recommend is the Generic 2-Person Inflatable Portable Sailboat because you get a pump and carry bags in the package, which is not found in the Smarkat products.

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