If you like water and water-sports activities but are not really interested in buying a real boat because you do not have anywhere to put it – you have come to the right place. There is a great variety of inflatable ocean boats, and this article will show you what they are.

This article will also show you their characteristics and specifics, the materials used to make inflatable ocean boats, as well as examples of the best inflatable boats for ocean. Those examples are rated based on their specifications and user reviews and reflect only a tiny bit of the market’s offer.


Understanding Inflatable Ocean Boats

The First Pro Of Inflatable Ocean Boats

For starters, they are much cheaper than regular traditional boats. You do not have to spend a lot of money to buy one, nor do you have to spend a lot of money for a place to keep it in. Unlike traditional boats that must be in a harbor, which of course you must pay, you store it for free in your garage.

The Second Pro

You do not have to spend a lot of time and effort to maintain the boat’s condition. Inflatable ocean boats are easily cleaned, unlike traditional boats which require time and money to keep them safe and clean. You only have to keep them dry and check for punctures.

They’re As Safe As Traditional Boats

You do not have to worry about safety. Science and technology have developed over the years, and now inflatable ocean boats and other inflatable vessels are made of materials that can endure even the roughest of conditions.

Lots Of Choices

There are inflatable ocean boats for any number of people. Whether you are a single person or a family of 5 to 6, everyone can get an inflatable ocean boat that suits their needs. Many are available on Amazon.com, where you can find all the relevant information you may need.

A Good Investment

For not too much money, you can get a great deal. You can take your family or friends on an all-day excursion, fishing, or even just go alone if you want to recharge your batteries. It is a great investment for fun times you can spend with your loved ones or by yourself.

5 Best Inflatable Boat For Ocean Reviews

Best Inflatable Ocean Boat For Fishing

Sea Eagle PF7K PackFish

Dimensions Of The Boat

This inflatable ocean boat for fishing measures 7’ x 3’3” when inflated, with the interior measuring 4’6” x 13”. When deflated, it measures 5” x 20” x 20”. Made for solo use, it is great for a day of fishing out on the water, with its 300-pound weight capacity.

Sea Eagle PF7K PackFish

What It Includes For Fishing

The fishing accessories are 36” Fish Rulers, 2 molded rod holders, molded oar locks/carry handles, and front and back soft carry handles. There are 4 tracking strips that help when fighting big fish for increased stability.

More Included Features

Besides the soft carry handles for easy transport and handling, there is an inflatable seat for more comfort when fishing. The inflatable boat is easily assembled into a carry bag and you can store it pretty much anywhere. Inflation takes around 5 minutes in total.

Sea Eagle PF7K PackFish review

Technical Specifications

The inflatable ocean boat for fishing features 2 chambers (main and additional safety one). There is a 30 mil Polykrylar 2-chamber internal bladder, and the bladder seams are high frequency welded. The diameter of the tube is 13”.


  • 300-pound weight capacity
  • Fish Rulers
  • 4 tracking strips

Best 4-Person Inflatable Ocean Boat

Intex Excursion 4

Take Your Friends

This inflatable ocean boat has an 1100-pound weight limit and 725-pound weight capacity. It can support up to 4 people, meaning that it is great for a small group of friends or a family of 4. It is constructed of rugged vinyl and has an inflatable I-Beam floor for comfort and rigidity.

Intex Excursion 4

Fishing Features Included

If you and your loved ones like to fish, this is the inflatable ocean boat for you. It has 2 fishing rod holders, oar holders and inflatable seat cushions with backrest. In case of an emergency (e.g. rupture), the repair kit is included.

Other Important Features

There is an all-around grab line for easy boarding and handling of the inflatable ocean boat. Additionally, there are 3 separate air chambers and a safety auxiliary chamber, as well as Boston valves to ensure quick inflation and deflation.

Intex Excursion 4 review

Hook Up A Motor

This can be a very useful feature, especially if your passengers do not know how to paddle or simply get tired of it. You can attach a 1.5-horsepower motor to the included motor mount fittings.


  • For 4 people
  • Fishing rod holders
  • Motor mount fittings
  • Boston valves

Best Cheap Inflatable Ocean Boat

Intex Seahawk 3

Good And Inexpensive Choice

For not a lot of money, you can get this inflatable ocean boat and take your friends with you. It measures 9ft 8in x 4ft 6in, the weight capacity is 790 pounds, and it is built to hold three people in it.

Intex Seahawk 3

What’s It Made Of

This inflatable ocean boat is made of heavy-duty puncture-resistant vinyl. The 3 separate air chambers provide extra protection from punctures and ruptures and even has a safety auxiliary chamber. The floor is inflatable I-Beam for rigidity. Boston valves make sure the inflation and deflation do not take too much time.

Additional Included Features

For fishing purposes, there are 2 fishing rod holders. For easier rowing 4 rotational oarlocks, a gear pouch, inflatable seat cushions, and 4 oar holders. For better handling, there is an all-around grab line and a grab handle on the bow.

Intex Seahawk 3 review

Parts In The Package

There are motor mount fittings on the boat as well. As for the hand pump, it is also included in the package when you order the inflatable ocean boat. Two 54-inch aluminum oars are there too.


  • For 3 people
  • 3 air chambers
  • Hand pump included
  • 2 aluminum oars included

Best Inflatable Sport Boat For Ocean

Newport Vessels 20M1000017 Dana

Design Of The Boat

Weighing 107 lbs, this inflatable ocean boat can hold up to 3 people. The maximum load capacity is 1067 lbs. It is made of 1100 Denier Korean PVC, the seams are Hot Air Welded, and accessories are attached with German-made adhesives. For stability, there are 18-inch tubes.

Newport Vessels 20M1000017 Dana

Performance And Safety Details

For better performance and stability, the solid foundation makes for a low center of gravity and a stable ride when turning and going at a high speed. There are also 3 stainless steel included D-Rings. The durable floors are made of marine wood with aluminum framing.

Included Features

There is an air keel for easy planning, carry handles, additional topside D-Rings for Bimini and accessories, self-bailing drain plug, Marine plywood transom mount, and Easy-Reach grab rope. The inflatable ocean boat can hold a 10-horsepower engine.

Newport Vessels 20M1000017 Dana review

Additional Included Parts

For parts that are important for your vessel, there is the included foot pump, carry bag, 2 aluminum oars and 1 aluminum bench seat. Moreover, there is the PVC hull and wood/aluminum floors panels. The boat also comes with a 30-day guarantee and a 2-year manufacturer warranty.


  • 3 people
  • Low center of gravity
  • Carry bag and foot pump included

Best 5-People Inflatable Boat For Ocean

Intex Excursion 5

Size And Weight

In order to hold 5 people, this inflatable ocean boat weighs 57.6 pounds and measures 66 x 17 x 144 inches. The maximum weight limit is 1000 pounds. It is easily assembled and that is done in a matter of minutes.

IntexExcursion 5 Inflatable Boat

How It Is Made

This inflatable ocean boat is made of rugged welded vinyl for long-term durability. The inflatable I-beam floor is made for extra comfort and rigidity, and for even more comfort while out at sea, there are 2 inflatable seats with backrests.

IntexExcursion 5 Inflatable Boat review

Other Included Features

A grab handle, 360-degree grab line, a gear pouch, and a repair patch are all included in the package. There are Boston valves for quick and easy inflation, as well as 54-inch aluminum oars and a high-output hand pump.


  • 5 people capacity
  • Repair patch
  • Boston valves
  • Aluminum oars
  • Hand pump

Conclusion: Pick Your Inflatable Ocean Boat

As mentioned in the beginning, this list of examples is only a small fraction of what the market offers. Amazon is a great site for exploring all the available options and finding the best inflatable boat for ocean. From the ones mentioned above, I would recommend the Sea Eagle PF7K PackFish because it can fit 3 people and you can even take your dog with you. The other inflatable ocean boat I like is the Intex Excursion 4 because you can take a group of people with you and it is even enabled for fishing.

For more products and information, read this article about inflatable boats. There is also an article about the best inflatable boats with motors. You can find the cheapest options in this article about cheap inflatable boats.