Aire inflatable kayaks are often cited as one of the best inflatable brands that are out there. Do you want to know why?

If yes, then you should keep reading this review. Here you will find out all of the important details on five of the best Aire Inflatables that you can buy, including technical and general specifications. We hope you will find the best Aire inflatable kayak for you.


Everything You Need To Know About Aire Company

About Aire Company

Aire is a company specialized in making inflatable kayaks for wild rivers. All Aire inflatables are made in Idaho, USA. Aire offers inflatable rafts, catarafts, and kayaks, including Aire tandem kayaks and the popular Aire traveler inflatable canoe. They also offer a variety of accessories, such as boat outfitting, frames & parts, paddles & oars, Aire kayak seats, and various repair kits.

What Makes Aire Inflatable Kayaks Special?

Aire Inflatable kayaks boast the innovative AireCell system – this is an internal bladder system that is enveloped by PVC. Unlike other PVC raft manufacturers which only use a single layer of PVC in their construction, Aire Inflatables are much easier to repair. Another key feature is the ballast floor that contains raft lace, which is regular or sealed raft pockets. This ballast floor helps with tracking and stability, and, per other reviews, Aireinflatable kayaks are especially recommended during windy days.

Price Range of Aire Inflatables

Aire Inflatable Kayaks come at different price ranges, depending on the model. They are mid to high range inflatable boats that cater to those who want to profit off the quality AireCell system construction. For those who still want to enjoy the advantages of Aire Inflatable Kayaks, but at a more affordable price, you can check out their Tributary Kayaks.

Excellent Warranty Deals

Aire Inflatable Kayaks are well known on the market for their generous warranty coverage. All Aire Inflatables, including rafts, catarafts, and kayaks, are covered for 10 years against damage on the tubes, fabric, D-ring patches, Airecells, valves, and zippers. The warranty does not cover cosmetic wear and tear.

Where To Buy Aire Inflatable Kayaks?

Aire Inflatable Kayaks can be purchased on the Aire website. However, if you’re interested in buying at a discount and checking out frequently asked questions about certain models and also customer reviews, is strongly recommended.

Top 8 Aire Inflatable Kayak Reviews

Aire Lynx Inflatable Kayak

Classic AireKayak

The Aire Lynx is a classic series from Aire: easy to maneuver and boasting great stability, the Aire lynx kayak is a great choice for white water rapids. The Aire Lynx 1 is built for one-day outings and extended trips, and for longer voyages, you can use the increased load capacity to take all of the necessary gear. The Aire Lynx 1 is extremely customizable and comes in eight colors.

Aire Lynx Inflatable Kayak

Designed For Manoeuvrability

The Aire Lynx 1 features firm rails and a streamlined curved, sleek design to offer maximum control and maneuverability. The flat hull design, along with the lower profile side tubes allow the Aire Lynx Inflatable Kayak to cut through waves and eddy lines. This stable Aire inflatable kayak will allow you to take on rapids up to class 3. It is recommended that you purchase thigh straps before that since they do not come included with the model.

Durable Construction

The Aire Lynx features durable construction, made with quality 1,300 Denier, 22oz PVC coated polyester material. The Aire Lynx kayak is also very safe – 2 low profile grab handles installed between the tube and the bottom of the floor can be used to quickly flip the kayak over in case of it capsizing. The self-bailing floor design also helps control water flow in quicker rapids.

Aire Lynx Inflatable Kayak review

Offers Comfort During Longer Trips

The comfortable cheetah chair is adjustable and comes with a cargo pocket and a water bottle holder in the back for packing extra gear. It also offers excellent back support. The high, sit-on-top area allows you to better control your paddles and kayak, offering extra safety, even for kayaking beginners.

Plenty Of Room For Gear

The Aire Lynx 1 comes with a built-in storage pocket, and also offers twelve tie-down cargo loops that will help you safely store your gear. It supports up to 350 lbs.


  • Streamlined design offers control and stability
  • Made with extremely durable material
  • Adjustable cheetah chair in a high, sit-on-top area
  • Plenty of room for gear

Aire Lynx 2 Another Version

Aire Lynx 2 Another Version

The Aire Lynx series comes in two versions: Aire Lynx 1 and Aire Lynx 2 inflatable kayak. The Aire Lynx one is better suited to longer excursions and overnight trips, as it is a tandem inflatable kayak that comes with 17 sets of cargo loops and supports up to 475lbs, greatly increased from the solo Aire Lynx 1 version. The Aire Lynx 2 for sale is a perfect inflatable for a two-man trip.

Aire Tomcat Inflatable Kayak

Affordable Kayak From Tributary

The Aire Tomcat is an affordable kayak coming from the Tributary line-up. The tomcat series, both solo, and tandem have recently been updated to offer premium quality for a good price, with a new bow and stern dodgers, logo, mesh drain system, improved shape, flip handles, welded seams, and bow/stern d-rings. The Aire Tomcat inflatable kayak comes with a standard Aire inflatable seat.

Aire Tomcat Inflatable Kayak

Quality Construction

While the construction of the Tributary Tomcat solo is not as sturdy as the construction of the Aire Lynx, it still offers good quality material that adds to the durability of the kayak. Featuring the AIRCell system, the Aire Tomcat has three inflatable bladders, covered in 1000 Denier PVC material.

Storage Options

The Aire Tomcat kayak comes with 12 pairs of cargo loops that you can use to attach your gear, thigh straps or other necessary accessories. The bow and stern covers shield you and your gear from water splash, and the self-bailing system helps with water regulation.

Aire Tomcat Inflatable Kayak review

Easy To Transport

This 10′ 10” long and 36” wide inflatable kayak packs down small and is therefore easy to transport without much hassle. It also comes with high-quality Summit II valves with help make inflation and deflation simple.

Warranty Coverage

Unlike the Aire Inflatable Kayaks line that comes with a 10 Year No-Fault Warranty, such as the Aire Lynx, The Aire Tomcat Solo comes with a Tributary Limited 1 Year Warranty.


  • Affordable yet quality design
  • Features durable and safe construction
  • Comes with a Limited 1 Year Warranty

Aire Tomcat Solo Other Version

Aire Tomcat Solo Other Version

The Tributary Tomcat tandem kayak is a larger version of the Aire Tomcat Solo – 12′ 6″ long and 38.5″ wide. It comes with two inflatable seats, offering a kayaking adventure for two; alternatively, the second seat can be removed and filled with extra gear for longer kayaking expeditions.

Aire Tributary Strike 2

Cross Over Kayak

The Aire Tributary Strike 2 is a cross over the tributary inflatable kayak, well-suited for both fast rapids and flat water due to its specially designed hull. This tandem Aire Tributary Strike kayak supports up to 450lbs – other reviews have noted that this is fairly low considering that it’s made for two people, hence you will need to keep your gear modest. Alternatively, you can use it solo and use the extra space for gear. The Aire Tributary Strike 2 comes in lime color.

Aire Tributary Strike 2

Cost-Efficient Aire Inflatable

For those who can’t afford to buy two different inflatable kayaks, for flat water and for white water, this Aire inflatable kayak will fill both roles. The lower price point as compared to other Aire tandem inflatable kayaks comes also from the fact that the Aire Tributary Strike 2 is manufactured overseas.

Stable And Self-Bailing

The Aire Tributary Strike 2 can resist wind well due to its upturned bow and stern that deflect waves. It is a good choice for beginners, though it is not a particularly fast vessel, as other reviewers have noted. Like other Aire inflatable kayaks, the Strike 2 comes with a self-bailing floor.

Aire Tributary Strike 2 review

Comfort & Construction

The outer skin of the Tributary Strike 2 is coated with tough, 1000 DENIER PVC. Its welded seams and urethane AIRCell bladders give it a durable design. Like the Aire Tomcat, this inflatable kayak comes with an adjustable and removable seat.

Warranty Deals

The Aire Tributary Strike 2 is backed by a Limited Five Year Warranty, higher than the Aire Tomcat but lower than the Aire Lynx.


  • Affordable tributary kayak
  • Can be used for both flat and white water
  • Designed to deflect waves and wind
  • Comes with a five-year limited warranty

Aire Tributary Spud

Aire Tributary White-Water Kayak

The Aire Tributary Spud is a solo inflatable kayak belonging to Aire’s White-water line-up, along with the Aire Tomcat, both solo, and tandem. It differs to the Aire Tomcat by its much more affordable price range and vastly smaller length – the Aire Tomcat is 10′ 10” long, while the Spud measures 7′ 2”.

Aire Tributary Spud

Perfect For Children

With its smaller dimensions and design that prioritizes safety and stability, this Aire inflatable kayak is perfect for introducing children and teens into the world of kayaking. Due to its width, adults can use it as well.

Made With Quality Fabric

The Aire Tributary Spud has a lightweight outer exterior made out of vinyl, which makes the inflatable easy to pack and transport, even for children. The internal bladders are coated with a hard PVC shell, and the inflatable boasts thermal welded seams.

Aire Tributary Spud review

Warranty & Accessories

The Aire Tributary Spud comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty against defects. It also comes with a repair kit and a removable seat with an adjustable backrest. Paddles are not included.

Storage Options

The Aire Tributary Spud has a roomy interior and comes with 12 cargo loops to secure your gear with. It has a relatively low capacity of 220 lbs, meaning that it will be perfect for children and cargo, or adults with conservative amounts of gear.


  • Very affordable kayak designed for children and beginners
  • Low storage capacity
  • Easy to transport

Aire Outfitter I

Perfect For Novices

The Aire Outfitter’s large tube diameter, extra width (40”) and low seating position make this inflatable kayak perfect for kayaking beginners. Extremely stable and forgiving, this kayak will be a perfect entry into the world of white water kayaking.

Aire Outfitter I

Top-Notch Construction

The Aire Outfitter 1 is manufactured in the US. It is built for durability and longevity with a heavy-duty PVC shell and radio frequency welded air cells. It uses 1100 base fabric denier to help resist wear-and-tear. The Aire Outfitter 1 comes at a higher price point than the Tributary series inflatable kayaks – for this higher price, you will profit from optimized construction and US manufacturing.

Big Load Capacity

The large tube diameter that the Aire Outfitter boasts also increases its travel capacity. With its 12 sets of cargo loops and a capacity of up to 400 lbs, this kayak is perfect for those who like to travel in bulk. The included cheetah chair also comes with a cargo pocket in the back.

Aire Outfitter I review

Warranty Options & Additional Accessories

The Aire Outfitter 1 comes with a 10 Year No Fault Warranty. It also includes a cheetah chair, full repair kit, and owner’s manual. Deluxe Thigh Straps and paddles can be purchased from Aire on


  • Large tube diameter and width provides stability
  • Built from heavy-duty PVC with RF welded Air Cells
  • Great storage capacity
  • Comes with a comfortable cheetah chair with cargo pocket
  • 10-year no-fault warranty

Aire Outfitter IIAnother Version

Aire Outfitter IIAnother Version

The Aire Outfitter 2 is the tandem version of the Aire Outfitter 1. It comes with an even larger capacity of 525lbs, higher than any Aire inflatable kayaks reviewed so far. It is perfect for a shared trip or for solo kayakers that want to pack large amounts of gear for overnight expeditions.

Aire Inflatable Replacement Kayak Seats

For those who want to switch their high-paddle seats with a lower one, the Aire Deluxe Kayak Seat available on is a perfect choice. It will fit in any kayak and features back pockets and a water bottle holder. Aire also offers their Aire Thwart Seats which are perfect for added back support and for ease of installing with four attachment points.

Conclusion: Which Aire Inflatable Kayak To Buy?

From the pricier, Aire line-up, the solo and tandem versions of the Aire Lyn 1 inflatable kayak series are perfect for those who want to experience the highest quality that Aire offers; stable and maneuverable, this inflatable kayak is a good investment. From the more affordable Tributary line-up, the easy-to-transport and durable Aire Tomcat inflatable kayak is a great choice.

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